30 BEST TRANSITIONS to combine 2 takes + 50 sounds!

Presets compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

The package includes:

1. Close-ups and Distance
2. Judas
3. Rollers
4. Stretches
5. Fish eyes
6. Flares
7. Glitche
8. Echoes
9. Flashes
10. Distance and distortion
11. Rotations
13. Luma KEY!
14. Strobe



Some of the transitions are superimposed on the clip and some on the Adjustment Layer. They are precisely described in the directory after installing the Preset in Adobe Premiere.

STEP BY STEP how to use presets.

1.First, we import the downloaded file from our computer.





2. Directories with presets will appear.




3. Those from catalog 1 and 2 should be put directly on the clip that needs to be trimmed earlier. ie the ending of the first and the beginning of the second. The length of the trim depends on how long in time you want the transition effect. I suggest up to 0.5 seconds.




4. Presets from catalog 3, 4, 5 and 6 are put on the layer, ie Adjustment Layer over the clips.




File type: .ZIP
Center: 50 WAV sounds and 30 transitions
Package size: 10 m
Version 2.5



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