Real camera movements on the rig arm translated into presets.

Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro. Thanks to this preset, you can turn a static shot into a camera that looks like an operator standing behind the camera holding the camera in his hand (more precisely on the rig.)

In this package you get a file – .prfpset, which you just need to import to Adobe Premier and then put on the clip. It’s that simple!

The preset contains 3 types of moves:

* Camera movement on the rig – PRO – Delicate – it is focused and professional camera movement, subtly perceptible
* Camera movement on the rig – Amateur – not bad but it’s in
* Camera movement on the rig – Drunkard – shakes, with a little humming: P


How was it created? The real move was manually imposed on the preset transition.

However, the time-consuming process of almost frame-by-frame alignment guarantees natural movement.

ATTENTION! The project must be in 4K resolution to get the best quality.
File type: .prfpset
Package size: 0.05 m
Version 1.5




Movement 1: PRO – Gentle
Movement 2: Amateur
Movement 3: Drunkard


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